Hello world!

Welcome to SL Fashion Syndicate !  This is the premier launch post of my all new revamped and redone blog and I hope you like  what I have planned. To get an idea of what SL Fashion Syndicate is all about please read the about section.

Now to get to the reason you have decided to visit this blog!  Fashion!  When shopping in SL I’m always trying to find fresh new exciting ideas and  styles so I don’t look like a cardboard cut out of  someone else’s style.  When I think who has bold  exciting innovative original designs? I think LeeZu!  The y have just released the Sissy outfit  which is mix and match. its components are a cardigan, linen skirt, and stockings. May sound like the usual fall outfit but this is any thing but the usual. warm soft textures and stylish  design make this fall outfit a must have in your SL inventory. able to be worn all together or  to spice up older inventory with a fresh new piece it not only adds style to existing pieces but doesn’t over state when worn together.  Avalible in store now!

If your wondering where this fantastic hair is from? Its one of the three Newest releases from Magika!  this ones called distraced. a change in Huds now allows you to choose from naturals or funky colors and you’ll get 16 colors! WOW!  after stopping my LeeZu, magika should definately be the next stop on your SL shopping list!

SLFashionSyndicateZeelu1a SLFashionSyndicateZeelu1

Style Card

Outfit LeeZu Sissy Cardigan in Blue / Sissy Linen skirt in Mint / Sissy stockings in Goblin


Boots Redgrave Girls Biker boots in Sand

Hair * New Release * Magika Distracted


Skin Glam Affair Gio Natural


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