HUGE Vista Animations Sales! 40% off daily specials!

What could be better than candy on Halloween? Yes, you guessed it, sales!

Introducing the Terrorific Sales
VISTA Animations

Thursday, October 20 to Tuesday, November 1

During the remaining 12 days til Halloween, you will find a different AO each day at a “terrorific” 40% off regular price!!  WOW!!!

These daily terrorific sales will be at:

VISTA Animations Mainstore

Marketplace (perfect for gift giving!)

Witch AO will it be each day?  Just look for the 40% pumpkin sign on the AO of the day.  And to help you even more, here is the schedule…..

Thursday, October 20
WOMENS: Mocap Runway                                |               MENS: Unisex Sword AO

Friday, October 21
WOMENS:Dances-pop queen                         |               MENS: Male Model Poses – Pack 1

Saturday, October 22
WOMENS:Perfect Lady                                     |               MENS: The Coolest Man

Sunday October 23
WOMENS:Perfect Lady/Divine                       |              MENS: The Irresistible Man

Monday October 24
WOMENS:Dangerous Girl                               |       MENS: The Coolest/Irresistible Man Combo

Tuesday October 25
WOMENS:Sensual Woman                           |                MENS: Male dances pack

Wednesday October 26
WOMENS:Dangerous/Sensual                   |                MENS: Dangerous Man

Thursday October 27
WOMENS:Chica Boom                                  |                MENS: Urban Male

Friday October 28
WOMENS:Dance HUD with dances            |       MENS: Urban Male/Dangerous Man Combo

Saturday October  29
WOMENS:Sensual Woman (breath)         |                 MENS: Urban Male (breath)

Sunday October 30
WOMENS:Chica Boom breathing             |                  MENS: Guardian

Monday, October 31
WOMENS:Most Wanted                            |                   MENS: Male Model Poses – Pack 2

Tuesday November 1
WOMENS:Sweet Chica                              |                  MENS: Dance HUD (empty)


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