Roller Skating Demon

I randomly decided, I needed a Demon character to role play with. And what better name for a demon than, Jealous Rage, right? Deadly sin and all that. So I popped over to the arcade event for inspiration, and  after lucking out with rare neon black roller skates, and constallation Antlers, my demon began to take shape.  She may look harmless, or not. Beware, either way, shes got a bad temper!


Style card below…


Antlers +Half-Deer+ Eternum Antlers (Constellation) Arcade (limited ed.)
Hair Magika Tomorrow Pack 3
(r)M RedMint posture collar No.3
(r)M RedMint Babydoll Skirt No.5
(r)M RedMint BodySuit Tule No 8
.:L&B:. S’Wear Womens Death Skull Belt
WWI Army Garter Stockings Dark Pack (avalible on marketplace)
{Dollie} 038 LongSleeve Ripper T-Shirt Black
The Secret Store Vintage Roller Skates (rare) Neon Black Arcade (limited ed.)
{LemonTea} Upright Demon Tail {Ethereal}
Kosh Nebula Ring
*LouLou* Bracelet ::Asteriod:: Blue
*epic* Pim’s Tragic End {Purple}
Corvus Punched Face Tattoo
.tSg. [Vibrant Radioactive Eyes] VIP Group Gift
Skin Body Co. Ivy (02) & Lipstick in Dash

Tattoo PunkCentury Garden Ku

(Shape is my own custom)


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