Victorian Angel



I’m sure you all recognize the lovely and uber talented Holli Thespain owner and creator of HolliPocket.  We got a little cray cray at the end of the night and decided that after an epic shopping trip we looked to cute to not blog. If you are living under an SL rock and haven’t been to her store you should go now and if you haven’t visited her blog  you really should get out more! Haha! She and Love make my SL more fun than it has been in literally years and are among a few small group of people who I can say are truly genuine sweet sincere good people. In SL its like winning the damn lottery megaball for 4565745634 Billion dollars! True people like this just don’t compare no matter how hard you try to make another avi look like them and don’ t give me your static, tryin’ to be something you arent to ride on the backs of others will get you no where, or banned faster than the last guy who’s girl your scamming now. Dood you so Rachette!

My deets(left):

Skin: Essences Taurus 01 Zodiac Event

Eyes: Ikon Vanity eyes Poltergist  (new release)

Hair: Lamb Spellbound Koolaide (new release)

Mousey prim teeth

PixleMode diamond addition Long mesh nails (color change hud)

Top and skirt : 1 Hundred Little things Light Blue (whore couture monthly event)

Shoes: Redgrave Rose heels (color change hud)

Headband and accessories by Sweet Leo Pastel love bangles, my headband <3, and light as a feather necklace

Tattoo: ThirteenTH ” you wish”

Wings Curious Kitties angel wings and enchanted valentine wings

Holli Thespain (right):  Check out her deets Here:


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