Rock Noodle




Bad ass rocker chics  will chew you up and spit you out!  Shes the girl you dream about all sweet and sassy till you  become less than useful and then she will drop you  faster than a hot Ramen in a cracked cup.  If shes gonna talk all pretty and make you feel all magical when shes got another dood in her bed at night well then your getting your just desserts. shes eating hers. You might find that you finally got your karma. Clearly you made a huge mistake when you moved on from the good girl you should have treasured. Oh well to bad for you. Enjoy the lesser than who obviously thinks your even lesser than as well. Regrets I’m sure you both have quite a few. I’m gonna give it a month.  who wants to place bets?

{{P.S. its pretty obvious that your patterns are soooo predicable, I hope plain Jane reads this blog and can read how transparent you are.  We can see you making Kisseyfacees at other girls  already.  Once a dog always a dog. }}


Hair Ploom stephine candy packs

Dress  Little Bones Venus Afternoon Dress – Blue  SL fashion Week

Sweater [M.o.W.] Open Cardigan Black

Stockings T.Whore Punk Stocking – fushia

Boots DN Natas Boots – Black Skulls  100 Block event


PixelMode diamond addition Nails

Unicorn Headband  Noodles – Be a unicorn Headband majestic Rainbow

RO Megahertz Earphones 100 block event

.o. the 2late2 #rupologize word plate necklace – Pink   SL fashion week

Sunglasses  [contraption] melt down shades  Teal

[PL] Sloppy pop – lavender   100 block gatcha

*Luckie* Adorable Kittie Ring (bubble gum)  the black market event


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