2013 Wizarding Faire designers announced!

So excited to announce The Wizarding faire! I just heard about it and I already can’t wait! Details below!
Event Info
The Wizarding Faire is a two week fair in Second Life®. Focused on the theme of magic (and the Harry Potter universe especially), The Wizarding Faire is held at the Mischief Managed roleplay sim, at the brand new Diagon Alley build. Featuring some of Second Life®’s top designers and builders, Wizarding Faire is sure to be filled with the best magical creations and artifacts available.

Event Timeline
September 3 – Designer application submission deadline.
September 6 – Notify designers of participation status (Participating, Wait List).
October 3 – Designer setup begins.
October 6 – Wizarding Faire 2013 opens its doors.
October 7 – Designer setup deadline.
October 20 – Last day of event.
October 21 – Event cleanup begins.
October 24 – Event cleanup ends 

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