Witches Workshop Part 1

I had the BEST time decorating this little witches cottage. The building itself is exclusively avalible at We ❤ Roleplay event. I focused on the interior for this post but Will be featuring the exterior in future posts. I fulled the little cottage with items from events including The Wizarding fair, and Arcade, as well as goodies and cheapies from the market place and stores on the grid. I hope you enjoy. Please drop me a note if you know of any products you think I should feature in future blogs.





Structure ~Alchemy~ Medieval House (Fairytale) ( We Love RP event Exclusive)

O.M.E.N – Wizarding Table  – (Wizarding Fair 2013)

!! Follow US !! Halloween pumpkins sofa (updated)

!! Follow US !! Halloween ’13 Half table with candles COPY vers

Alouette – You’re A Wizard Bookshelf (#9) Rare Arcade sept 2013

LISP Autumn/ Fall set

!! Follow US !! Happy Halloween Pumpkins and Broom Floor Decor




[Con.] The Spell-o d’Cauldron  – (Wizarding Fair 2013)

[Con.] The Edinbure Manuscript – Coal   – (Wizarding Fair 2013)

O.M.E.N. – Fairytales – Peter & Hook – Dome & Book – Arcade

O.M.E.N. – Fairytales – Aladdin – Dome & Book – Arcade

:{Atomic}: Cauldron – Large w/ stand   – (Wizarding Fair 2013)

[Con.] Skull of a Cheeky Pea Jar Wizarding Fair 2013

[Con.] Failed Photoshop Attempts of Eyes Wizarding Fair 2013

[Con.] The Brain of a Linden Jar   – (Wizarding Fair 2013)

[Con.] The Incantanium Novellas – Crimson   – (Chapter four)

RO – PumpkinHead – Jack O’ – Store Gift

*K* Antique Silver Trinket Jar

*K* Antique Porcelain Trinket Jar

*K* Antique Gold Trinket Jar

[ keke ] ink bottle – indigo  – (Chapter four)

[ keke ] ink bottle – amber   – (Chapter four)

[ keke ] ink bottle – mint   – (Chapter four)

[ keke ] ink bottle – puce   – (Chapter four)

[ keke ] ink pen – wood   – (Chapter four)

[ keke ] inks & pens tray – blue RARE   – (Chapter four)

RO – PumpkinHead – Feeding Frenzy – Store Gift

Arcane Wall hangings and Witches Academy Diploma are my own and not for sale.


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