Ramblings #2

Its been a couple of months and I figured it was time for another good rambling.

A recent plurk got me thinking about people and how they speak volumes usually not intending to say what actually comes across once you actually take a second to look past the false front and see the truth behind the curtain. Someone plurked a cute little head pat meme for people who feel the constant need to tell everyone how perfectly amazing their lives were. And several others chimed in agreeing that if that was the case why weren’t they doing all the wonderful things, having all of the hot passionate whoopie, going to all the fantastic places, ect. that they claimed to be doing instead of being in SL or Plurking 24/7? Just goes to show you that usually when someone is overly insistent about something, in most cases, the opposite is most likely true. If someone is truly happy they will show it with behavior and treatment of others. Truly happy people don’t need to convince anyone they are happy. They glow. You can see a truly happy person across a room or even a sim in the case of SL.

Which leads me to another thought, people who feel the need to be negative and spread it around. I have to admit I was a negative nancy. I joined in with trolling people and I’m ashamed to say I acted so childishly. It was stupid and ignorant and I can’t believe I was part of it. Looking back I see why and know I wouldn’t make the same choice again. I can see why people do it.

Let me tell you coming from that place and looking back, its an entire new world. Being negative does NOTHING for you. It poisons you. It breeds negativity and almost calls more negativity to you. Trolling is pointless and makes you look like an attention seeking idiot. People make it so obvious even going so far as to make alt accounts or whispering on plurk. Most of the time the people the troll is directed at can tell exactly who’s doing it and that makes the troll look even more stupid. If you want to say something at least have the balls to say it with your name on it and stand behind it. OWN IT.

In the end the only thing you really have is your integrity and if you don’t have that you don’t have anything.


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