Review Copies / Staff

We are accepting review copies at the moment.
If you would like to see your Fashion items on our blog, please read the following guidelines.

1-Create a folder named “Review items – [Shop name] and date“ with the items and a notecard including the following:

*Your name
*Your store name
*Landmark of your mainstore
*URL where the item can be found in your store
*Relevant information about the review items, such as availability, price, promo, etcetera.
*A picture if possible.

2-Drop the folder to any of our blogger Staff:

–    Briella Ghost       Main Blogger

–    Hard Rain            Mens Fashion Blogger


*-*You must be the creator of the items, we do not support content theft.

*-* Please drop items to the correct Blogger staff. you don’t want to send men’s wear to female staffers or tangos items to men’s staff.

*-*We can not guarantee that your items will be posted, items featured are styled by inspiration, and not because items were sent without solicitation.

Thank you for your interest


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