Style Details:
Head *COCO*_Doll_Head_001V(OpenedEyes)
Eyes *COCO*_Doll_Eyes_001(Vamp_Grey)_bright
Hair .ploom. Flip Side (small) – Ploomage – Mystic Realms Fair
Headband =Zenith=Happy Halloween Headband – Seasons Story Gift
Horns {Captive Moon~ black}horns P.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:..  Mystic Realms Fair
Ears Steking EARS [MANDALA]
Outfit .tsg. Academy Uniform – Bloody Pink
Necklace c( TC ) Splatterbatty Necklace
Legs & Hands *COCO*_Doll_MonstarLimbs(Dark)
Tail {Captive stars~ day} tail .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. Mystic Realms Fair
Wings [RI] Batty Wings
KOY Poses – Cross – The Deck


Toothache Heartbreak




Holli’s credits are HERE



Skin .{yumyums}. Alli skin
Eyes Ikon Ascension eyes – Peak
Hair Chemistry Tamora – Hud 3
Dress *Epic Bombastic* Melty Dress Sweet Grape -Includes Donut headband (Candy Fair 2013)
Skirt *Epic* Fairy – Kei Punk TuTu
Sneakers Alterego Sugarsmack Wedge V4
Stockings Sugar Heart Sweet Factory Tights – cupcake lilac (previous Arcade)
Glasses *Epic* Kawaii Heart Shield Sunglasses – Purple
Necklace Atooly Little Bat Necklace – Fantasy Fair
Mouthie {Lollipop Tongue} Chinchilla mouth .::Kre-ations::.
Candied Apples c( TC ) Candied Apple – Batty Strawberry & Chocolate (green)
c( TC ) Candied Apple – Spooky Strawberry & Cotton Candy (grn)

I Want Candy!


Sadly Mes Brics a Bracs is in its final run but you can still grab some really cute accessories while you can! Shown here are amazingly detailed candied apples by TC which I streached to giant size but are meant to be worn and avalible at Mes Bric A Bracs in a gacha!

And don’t for get to stop by OMG Oh My Gacha event if you haven’t already to grab the must haves by amazing SL designers.  You don’t want to miss the imaginative items by designers like RO, Curio Obscuria, OMEN, Holli Pocket, Milk, Fanatik, Essences, CandyDoll, aisling, and many more!

The Candy Fair 2013 if you haven’t heard is a three sim wide event running today Oct.4th thru Oct 16th. Loaded with items to give your dentist enough business to last his entire career! Covering everything from clothing, decor, props, poses, hairstyles, and jewelry. The sim is a candyland paradise that will make you want to lick the walls and eat the roads! This is a small sampling of just the decorative goodies. More posts will be coming to satisfy your candy cravings.






Building The Candy Shop by Linus Humphreys (Free on Marketplace!)  The building was modified removing the front wall and a couple of things on the counter top.




I want Candy sign – [bauwerk] Candy Sign Purple (Candy Fair 2013)

Chaise Lounge – :: Axix :: Sweet Divan Prop (Complete includes the cupcake platter, cookies, cakes and maccaroons shown around the chaise and on the floor near it) (Candy Fair 2013)

Drops candy rugs <:*BoOgErS*:> Candy Area Rug (Candy Fair 2013)

Polka dot rug [Noble] Polka Rug

Gummie Bears – [bauwerk] Gummybear  (Orange & White Shown) (Candy Fair 2013)

Cotton candy cart & Sign Board ! Follow US !! Cotton candy cart (blue) (Candy Fair 2013)

Lava Lamps ::A&A:: Lava Lamp Gacha (OMG Oh My Gacha Event)

Candy Apples c( TC ) Candied Apple  ( shown after modding to giant size) Mes Brics A Bracs

Shown in Spooky Mallow & Caramel (red),Spooky Licorice & Cinnamon (red),Candiew,Pum Pum Pumpkin (green),and Spooky Double Chocolate (red)

Peppermint Stool <:*BoOgErS*:> Peppermint Stool White (Candy Fair 2013)

Chocolate Covered Ice cream bar [Noble] – Product packaging (Candy Fair 2013)

Hard Candy Purses (Modified for size)  .{yy}. Hard Candy Swirl Purse Showing  [SugarRush],[Cheshire], and [Cupcake] (Candy Fair 2013)

Chocolates in a box  [bauwerk] Sweets for my sweet (blue) (Candy Fair 2013)

Bathroom Scale  [bauwerk] Bathroom Scale Mint – (Candy Fair 2013)

Swirly Donut Seat [bauwerk] Donut Pouf Mint (Candy Fair 2013)

Cotton candy poof (On floor) ::WetCat:: “Sugar Rush” CottonCandy Prop (Candy Fair 2013)

Hard Candy Wooden Shelf  [bauwerk] Bonbon Shelf Mint – (Candy Fair 2013)

Chocolate is the key to happiness wall hanging [][] bs [][] – chocolate board sign (Candy Fair 2013)


Please message me with any questions or if I might have missed anything.