Skulleh Ritual




Style Credits:
Skin .Birdy. Amber Skin -Pure Wizarding Faire 2013
Eyes .ID. Soulful Eyes – Green Light
Hair [monso] My Hair – Khaleesi – Reds Pack Wizarding Faire 2013
Dress *Epic* Bombastic Skully Bunny Mini Dress – Hot Pnk
Shoulder and Knee Pads *Epic* Kawaii Gladiator Combat Set – Coal
Helmet ::Envious :: Kawaii helmet 2 – Pink – {exclusive} – Body Modification Expo
Choker~Blah.-My Nekomata Collar-Special Black – {exclusive} – Body Modification Expo
Earrings Atooly Sweet Heart Hoops – Blue
Hair Decor *N*Spider Lily Higanbana – Black & White Body Modification Expo
Scarf May’s Soul Titania Scarf – Black
Boots .::[NerdMonkey] Combat boots – Zebra – {exclusive} – Body Modification Expo
Stockings Erratic ripped stockings – Black
Nails [ S H O C K ] Pop Art Love Nails – Body Modification Expo
Poses Posivity Jaycee – She & Him



Scene Credits:
Enchanted Woods v2 – 4 (clearing)
Cerridwen’s Cauldrons Hellthorn Briar set ( We Love RP Event )
Post Mortum Mystical Mausoleum
Bears .{yumyums}. Hallows ilo {It’s.. ALLLLIIIVVEEEEEEEEEE}
and .{yumyums}. Hallows ilo {Zombi}
POST: Melrude Burial Plot
Aphrodite decorative Halloween candle holder “Zombie”
Aphrodite jar “Zombie brains” animated
Bad Katz Gravestone Pack


Witches Brew

I had another fun set design day! I loaded up on the goodies and have tons of great pics.




Holli’s style credits are HERE

My Style Credits:

Skin  .Birdy.  Amber Skin – Pure    Wizarding Fair 2013

Eyes Dead Apples Thunder Eyes – Electric

Hair Wasabi  Pills  Stella – reds pack  Wizarding Fair 2013

Top Peqe – Wizarding sweater w/shirt grey  Wizarding Fair 2013

Skirt FnH Pleat Skirt – Black

Stockings Erratic Ripped stockings – Black

Boots Epic Neo Trekker’s

Necklace Sleepy Eddy Pocket watch Necklace  – Arcade Sept. 2013

Rings MG rings Duchess Dazzle Jewel    FameShed

Backpack B.C.C. mignon wizard school backpacks Rare B    Wizarding Fair 2013

Glasses Luckie Nerdiecheckies Glasses Pastel grey  Body Modification Expo

Owl  .Birdy. Owlets – sable   wizarding fair 2013





Witches Room Set

Structure  ~Alchemy~ Medieval House (Fairytale)  We Love RP event Exclusive



Bookcase Lark – Imaginarium Librarium – Library Wheat – RARE

Aphrodite   “Immortal Lovers” Set

!! Follow US !! Halloween ’13 Ouija table

Post Mortum Deisgns Witches Corner

O.M.E.N – Wizarding Table

LISP – Autumn/Fall set

!! Follow US !! Halloween ’13 Skull camera COPY version

Aphrodite “Tarantula” Chandelier

Rug [ a i s l i n g ] Fur White – (modded for color)




Props in book case:

Aphrodite decorative Halloween candle holder “Zombie”

Aphrodite decorative Halloween candle holder “Undead”

[Con.] The Edinbure Manuscript – Coal

[Con.] The Incantanium Novellas – Crimson

[ keke ] drop bottle – venus oil

.Birdy. Owlet {Snowy}

[Con.] Skull of a Cheeky Pea Jar

[Con.] The Brain of a Linden Jar

[Con.] Failed Photoshop Attempts of Eyes

Aphrodite Halloween jar “Camelot remains” haunted

Aphrodite Halloween jar “Spellbook & Spider”

ISPACHI – Necronomicon

A.V. Rover Brain Lamp

Aphrodite Halloween jar “Vampire remains”

RO – Rakshasa Magician Hat – RARE

*K* Antique Gold Trinket Jar

*K* Antique Porcelain Trinket Jar

[ keke ] tincture bottle – clover

[ keke ] tincture bottle – belladonna

Aphrodite “Halloween ghost” haunted decorative jar

[ keke ] labeled medicine bottle – sun rays RARE

[ keke ] labeled medicine bottle – mercury fluid RARE

[ keke ] tincture bottle – licorice

*’M n B* Book 2 mesh

Various Props around the room

Aphrodite jar “Zombie brains” animated

.{yumyums}. Hallows ilo {Zombi} Animated

‘Monger: Bean-Coffee-Floor//

Bloody Mary Mirror v1.1

RO – Lantern Magician Hat – RARE

Lark – Charms (Rez) (Books Animated)

Alouette – Balanced Bookshelf – Dark


Botanical – Hanging Sculpt Cobwebs

Lark – Divination

:{Atomic}: Cauldron – Medium

Aphrodite decorative Halloween candle holder “Witch”

Ohmai Emporium: Free Elf Pet