♥♥♥  SL fashion syndicate will hopefully be your go to guide for the newest and best in the creativity that SL has to offer.  No matter the price if its hot its going to be here. Im planning on  scouring the farthest reaches of SL to bring you the latest and greatest must haves for your SL inventory!  I have a very wide variety of things I like to style one day its gothic, the next a sunny beach scene, highly accessorized or very  minimal.  I style to suit my moods at tastes. I blog only high quality items. I look for well made clean textures and unique items.

I do female and male styling in SL. as well as interior home styling.

For designers: If you would like me to review your stuff please just send me a note in world.

For readers : thank you for visiting and I hope you can use what you see here. I am happy to help if I can. So please contact me in world or here should you need help with something regarding this blog .

This blog is not limited to only clothing and accessories but also homes,  landscape, interiors. If you would like your item featured on the blog please read our review copies and staff page for more information.  See you on the grid. ♥♥♥


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