British Punk Chic






Skin Glam Affair Vera America 04
Hair Mina Hair – Blanka Enchantment Event
Eyes [Crash Republic] Rebel eyes – gray She & Him
Lashes Pink Acid My Everyday Prim Alpha eye makeup BME
Makeup *LpD* makeup – The Witch – Enchantment Event
Face Jewelry *May’s Soul* Sahara Chain
Top *Epic* Sleepy Neko Bustier – Dirty Pillows Hunt
Corset DRBC Bettie Boo Corset – BettleJuice HorrorFest 2013
Skirt +Missnoise Style+ Highwaist Skirt – HellBunny Rockabilly Event
Shoes LW Ibis Platform Heels – Noir Baked Gloss
Leg Tattoo .Identity. Body Shop Broken Glass BME
Hat RO Paragons cap – Plaid NEW RELEASE! – Men’s Dept Event
Rings Geek Rock-a-knucks Boss, Cherry RockaBilly Event
Necklace1 A&A Drippy Necklace – Wicked previous Arcade
Necklace2 [tea.s] Star Key Necklace – onyx
Bracelets A&M My fav bracelet
Shoulder Pads & Knee Pad *Epic* kawaii gladiator combat set – Red
Bag Tentaco Killer Purse
Poses by Focus Poses


Witches Workshop Part 1

I had the BEST time decorating this little witches cottage. The building itself is exclusively avalible at We ❤ Roleplay event. I focused on the interior for this post but Will be featuring the exterior in future posts. I fulled the little cottage with items from events including The Wizarding fair, and Arcade, as well as goodies and cheapies from the market place and stores on the grid. I hope you enjoy. Please drop me a note if you know of any products you think I should feature in future blogs.





Structure ~Alchemy~ Medieval House (Fairytale) ( We Love RP event Exclusive)

O.M.E.N – Wizarding Table  – (Wizarding Fair 2013)

!! Follow US !! Halloween pumpkins sofa (updated)

!! Follow US !! Halloween ’13 Half table with candles COPY vers

Alouette – You’re A Wizard Bookshelf (#9) Rare Arcade sept 2013

LISP Autumn/ Fall set

!! Follow US !! Happy Halloween Pumpkins and Broom Floor Decor




[Con.] The Spell-o d’Cauldron  – (Wizarding Fair 2013)

[Con.] The Edinbure Manuscript – Coal   – (Wizarding Fair 2013)

O.M.E.N. – Fairytales – Peter & Hook – Dome & Book – Arcade

O.M.E.N. – Fairytales – Aladdin – Dome & Book – Arcade

:{Atomic}: Cauldron – Large w/ stand   – (Wizarding Fair 2013)

[Con.] Skull of a Cheeky Pea Jar Wizarding Fair 2013

[Con.] Failed Photoshop Attempts of Eyes Wizarding Fair 2013

[Con.] The Brain of a Linden Jar   – (Wizarding Fair 2013)

[Con.] The Incantanium Novellas – Crimson   – (Chapter four)

RO – PumpkinHead – Jack O’ – Store Gift

*K* Antique Silver Trinket Jar

*K* Antique Porcelain Trinket Jar

*K* Antique Gold Trinket Jar

[ keke ] ink bottle – indigo  – (Chapter four)

[ keke ] ink bottle – amber   – (Chapter four)

[ keke ] ink bottle – mint   – (Chapter four)

[ keke ] ink bottle – puce   – (Chapter four)

[ keke ] ink pen – wood   – (Chapter four)

[ keke ] inks & pens tray – blue RARE   – (Chapter four)

RO – PumpkinHead – Feeding Frenzy – Store Gift

Arcane Wall hangings and Witches Academy Diploma are my own and not for sale.

Naughty Witches

Photo credits go to Holli Thespian who saved me by taking extras when I had to re-install my SL because all the photos I was taking had a thick black line on them. I re-installed and now its fine.



Holli’s deets are HERE

Skin YumYums Alli (New Release)
eyes [Crash Repbulic] Gem eyes – Mint
hair Exile Just a reason – Pastels (rare) Arcade Sept 2013
Bodysuit Sassy! Unzip Me Up Bodysuit – Ice (OMG GACHA event)
Boots Curio Obscura – Abomination Mish Mash boots – White (Arcade Sept 2013)
Belt Skirt Holli Pocket Spank me Belt Mini – Sweet treats
Hat RO Magician Hat – Diviner (OMG Gacha Event)
Wings Holli Pocket Flutter by wings – Baby blue (OMG Gacha Event)
Bracelets A&M My fav bracelets – Pearl
Tattoo Milk My Vanity Thigh tattoo
Wand ~common cents~ (coming soon)

Slumber Party!!

My best girlies Love and Holli crashed my bedroom decor set and we couldnt help but do a slumber party shoot! So the interior decor set deets will be the post following this one with more detailed photos and no hawt chicka’s to distract from the layout. I’m sure no one minds the pretty distractions anyway. 🙂





on Love
Dress:=Zenith=(Rose)Dolly Dress,
Necklace: Bowtique – Bow Set
Wings: Schadenfreude Mannequiel Wings
Crown: RO – LOVE Donna Flora –
Earrings: bellballs/PIDIDDLE – Fringed Cuff

On Myself
Skin Glam Affair Candy #10 (Arcade Sept 2013)
Hair Magika Forget
Eyes Ikon Ascension eyes – Ghost
Nightie Tee*fy Aurora – White (Arcade Sept 2013)
Hat Tee*fy Fluffy Sheep Hat – Rare (Arcade Sept 2013)
Slippers Blah. (My piggly Slippers) White – Mes Brics A Bracs
Plushie (holding) Tee*fy Lop Eared Bunny Plushie With Hat RARE – (Arcade Sept 2013)

Poses by CnS and Purple Poses

Holli Thespian’s Credits can be found on her Awesome blog Here!

Bedroom interior credits & detailed photos:




Structure *ionic* Siddhartha (cafe) – rare ( Photos on the wall behind the bed are included with the structure
Bed [*Art Dummy!] slumber. (bed-blue) Arcade Sept 2013
Quilted Headboard MudHoney Padded Headboard
Pillows on bed Candy Crunchers – Girly Pillows Pile -04
Stacked sidetable -*ionic* Los cositos – colors (Chapter 4)
Heart Wall Hanging MIAB – Brutal Hearts
Chair *ionic* la silla de la bobe (Chapter 4)
Peacocks *MishMish* White Peacock – The Dazzle – (Previous Collab88)
Luggage cart – *ionic* Good day sunshine (chapter 4)
Phone Soothe. Telephone (flower yellow)
Shabby Rug LISP – Spring Reading Rug
Angel Wing chairs +Half-Deer+ The Angel’s Chair (Vanilla) & (Blush) (Previous Chapter 4)
Pownie Plushies (Pretty Princess) Pwnie Standing ~silentsparrow~ & (Lolli) Pwnie Floppy ~silentsparrow~ Arcade Sept 2013
Hanging Bookshelves Alouette – Balanced Bookshelf – Light
Floor Pillows LISP – Reading Cushions for 2 – Click Peach Cushion for Book
French Mannequin – {what next} Paperdoll Mannequin *store gift*
Sofa *ionic* Princesa Sofa (Chapter 4)
Sidetable *ionic* Los cositos – mint (Chapter 4)
Bare Lightbulb lamp *ionic* For no one lamp
Whitewashed Stacked open hutch Trompe Loeil – Baybrooke Hutch Cream (FameShed)
Items on shelves:
[ keke ] labeled medicine bottle – mercury fluid RARE – Arcade Sept 2013
[ keke ] labeled medicine bottle – sun rays RARE – Arcade Sept 2013
[DDD] Candy Jar – Mints
[DDD] Candy Jar – Gumdrops
*MishMish* Lil Fairy Deco – Amoriata
Schadenfreude Chibi Cat: Bubbles – Arcade Sept 2013
-tb- Bon Voyage – Books – Arcade Sept 2013
Sway’s Coffee Mug Birdie
Soothe. Telephone (neon pink)
[Commoner] Photo Album / Burn Book RARE – Arcade July 2013
Peacock on top of hutch *MishMish* White Peacock – The Dazzle (Previous Collab88)
Random cupcakes {Kitchinette – cupcake}
Black Kitty with mouse – PlayFul Kitty – With Pose by Kittymeow tigerpaw

Dolls the bed in the fashion shoot not shown here – dolls it’s a Boy! and It’s A Girl (rares) – Arcade Sept 2013
Panda Lamp – Lark Sweet Dreams Panda Lamp (Shown in Mid photo)
Panda Mobile – Lark Sweet dreams Panda mobile (Shown in Mid photo)

Went alittle cray with the girly stuff, please let me know if I missed anything! ❤ Bri

SnowBunny E.R.

So I was messing with photoshop and hairbrushes. This is the explosion of pink sugary sweet with a twist that came of it!

Give me your, give me your, give me your attention, baby
I gotta tell you a little something about yourself
You’re wonderful, flawless, ooh, you’re a sexy lady
But you walk around here like you wanna be someone else



(Looks are labeled based on full photo left to right)

Look 1

Skin The Skinnery Emma – Bare Face – Honey
Hair ::Exile:: Beyond The Waves – True Colors
Eyes .ID. Tropical Brights – Sky
Top *Epic* Mesh Cute-Tee – Kawaii Angel (Color change hud) Perfect Wardrobe
Skirt Fn’H Punk Skirt – Drippin Black on Zebra (Silicone)
Stockings T.Whore Punk Stocking – Black
Boots PopTart Batty Winged Boots – BlkWing/BlkKawaii (rare) in-store gacha
Bangles :Fanatik: Logo Bangle (1) Angel (2) Bitch
Necklace Katat0nik Radio Necklace – SkeleBear (Sept 2013 Arcade)
Bag JD Hearty Clutch bag -Skull
Nails [PM] Pixel Mode Diamond Edition.
Snowboard RO Snowboard – SUGOI (Sept 2013 Arcade)
Goggles RO Snowboard – Pink Goggles – RARE (Sept 2013 Arcade)
Stars on forehead .Aisling. Sugar Stars ( part of gift from Rainbow Hunt)

Look 2

Skin Glam Affair Katya – America #6
Hair Exile Counting Stars – Natural Fusion Pack
Eyes .ID. Tropical Brights – Sky
Dress Luas Urban Style – Verine Dress – Pink ( Silicone )
Shoes [Whatever] High Hell 2.0 – Teal (slightly modded for color)
Necklace Violent Seduction – Nihon Necklaces – Kawaii Teal
Thigh Flask CatNip Lushy Flash Thigh Strap V2
Held Flask The Sea Hole – Animated Fashion 5th – Matryoshka
Tattoo -Utopiah- No Fear
Snowboard RO Snowboard – BoomBox Gacha – (Sept 2013 Arcade )


Skin Glam Affair Katya – America #3
Hair Truth Hair – Josie – Black/White fade 04
Eyes .ID. Tropical Brights – Sky
Dress *Epic* Nurses uniform – Black/Teal ( Silicone )
Shoes :FY: Nikki Stiletto – Hud
Stockings Erratic Ripped stockings Black
Bracelets A&M My Favorite Bracelet – White Pearl ( Modified for color )
Bracelet2 :Fanatik: Logo Bangle – Angel
Nails [PM] Pixel Mode Diamond Edition.
Necklace Katat0nik Radio Necklace – Nurse Bunny (Sept 2013 Arcade)
Chainsaw Prop *Epic* Kawaii Kyoot Chainsaw (New Release)

SteamPunk Mechanic





Skin .Birdy. Delilah

Hair Dela Lala – Party Dips (new-ish)

Dress – DRD Steampunk Dress – Victorian

Boots DRD – Steampunk boots – Stripes

Belt Catnip – Redneck Belt w/pouch

Bracelets DRD Chrono fangs – Steel

Elbow Socks [Hate This] Mesh elbow socks – Unwashed

Halo RO Homemade Halo – Mes Brics a Bracs

Necklace MG Alexa Black Choker pearls – Black Fair Exclusive

Necklace2 *LouLou&Co* Papaya

Necklace3 Scrub Cameo Necklace and Death Cameo

Goggles RO Sandstorm Goggles – Whitewash Fameshed

Wings RO Elysium – Legion

Tool RO Pipe Wrench – (part of several items retiring – grab them BEFOR SEPT 1st!)

Finding Balance

finding balanceFull

finding balanceMid

finding balanceClose

“Something is always born of excess: great art was born of great terror, great loneliness, great inhibitions, instabilities, and it always balances them.”
― Anaïs Nin


Skin Glam Affair Cleo America 10

Hair Tableau Vivant – Boccaccio- Monsoon pack New! at Hair Fair 2013

Eyes Ikon Ascension Eyes – Blue

Dress Ison Ruffle dress – Pink Collab88 July

Shoes Forever Young Nikki Stiletto

Tights LeeZu! Glitter Tights – Gold

Ring Aux Melt My Heart – Blue (previous Collab88)

Headphones (FD) Radio Headphones – Gold glitter (rare) Arcade

Necklace .Pekka. Cross dogtag necklace – Gold Mes Bric A Bracs Event

Ribbon RO insignia Beauty Queen – Blue/Gold (previous SLFW)

Poses Purple poses SLFW #27